i REALLY like this guy what can i do?

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i REALLY like this guy what can i do?

Post by Mikayla on Sat Mar 05, 2011 9:20 pm

hmmk i REALLY like this guy what do i do? i think he knows i like him...everyone in my class knows i like him...haha so what can i do? i'm really shy when i'm around him and he sits like a chair away from me in 6th period
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Re: i REALLY like this guy what can i do?

Post by NuttyPieOutlaw27 on Thu Mar 31, 2011 9:47 pm

I've always been in the same situation. I know the nervous feelings when you attempt to talk to them too... My suggestion for yah bffy is too first try befriending him. Compuliment something of his, or just trying to break the ice somehow. Try finding things in common yah guys have. My method is usually accidently on purpose bumping into them and dropping a armfull of books or whatever then acting all embarrassed saying, "Oh darn it, clumsy me xP." Then hopefully they might reach down to give yah a hand up.
But just remember no matter what, there'll always be another guy if it doesn't work out, there's always another fish in the sea. When passes one, they'll eventually come another.


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