Random crap (read only if yah wanna waste your time xD)

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Random crap (read only if yah wanna waste your time xD)

Post by NuttyPieOutlaw27 on Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:53 pm

Obsessed with anime now, DeathNote/FMA/Hellsing.
Got to see my crush today <3. I'm turning crazy for him.
Got to go shooting over two weeks ago from today -with my crush O_O. Shot the M1, and AR15.
Starting several now novels.
Soon to be getting into a type of karate called Hot Kyto.
Had pie this morning ;D.
Went to a new youth group pale .
Learning the POTC theme song guitar.
Excited cuz Skillet and As I Lay Dying will be coming to heavenfest in Colorado this year, so if all goes well I'll get to see them *spazzles.*
Trying to get back into my online social life, missing everyone to death.
Having computer issues and frustrated.
Don't wanting the weekend to end, getting terrible grades still.
Working on improving my art/drawing skills.
Looking forward too this summer, feeling pressured and distant.
Needing more coffee, cuz I'm overly hyperactive yet... tired O.O...
Happy cuz I may be getting a FB soon.
And jeez if your people are reading this I honestly pity you xD.


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Re: Random crap (read only if yah wanna waste your time xD)

Post by Mikayla on Mon Apr 11, 2011 3:36 am

haha you pity me? you know i love yah. i read anything you post.
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